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We have a legacy of providing prompt service at cost-effective rates to Industrial, Commercial, Residential, all types of establishments spanning for decades. We undertake AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for every system related to Fire Fighting. It is a full-fledged team that takes the burden of maintaining all your Fire Protection Systems, Fire Detection & Alarm Systems & Fire Hydrant Systems off your shoulders. Through this maintenance service, we can maintain the smooth & error free functionality of the systems.

Our well qualified & trained engineers with vast years of experience will be deployed at your facility to monitor, maintain and manage your systems, which reduces the burden of your manpower resources and ensures more efficient systems management. System Breakdown or bad performance of any components can be identified and resolved proactively, which in turn enables to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies and minimize loss to people and property.

Few Highlights

• Extended life of your equipment due to Preventive Maintenance Services

• Compliance with local Fire Safety and Insurance requirements

• Reduced risks of failure of equipment when the need arises

System maintenance & amc service: Service
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