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Our Story

We are an end-to-end Fire Protection Company operating not only in Maharashtra but across India too. 
Originally set up over six decades ago, when it was about manufacturing extinguishers & now the Systems division is also more than two decades old. At the top, Monark Fire LLP is run by a four-member family team and is proud to have thousands of customers across the Country.
The four-member team at the helm of things… 
Mehul Shah        -  B.E. Construction 
Kamlesh Shah  -  B.E. Mechanical 
Dhruv Shah        -  M.Sc. Fire & Explosion Engineering (Leeds. U.K.) &
                                       MBA. Tech (Civil & Operations, Project & Infrastructure Management)
Rowan Shah      -  B.E. Electronic & Electrical (UCL. U.K.)
                                       Minor in Machine Learning

We aim to offer the best quality systems as per standards, maintaining and practising the best installation and time management efforts with the most unparalleled customer service and support.
Our team and field technicians live, work and breathe our three company values:
1. Providing the best quality of work and support.
2. Providing the fairest prices for quality work.
3. Delivering all our promises made. 
These are at the heart of our Company’s brand and influence everything we do. 

We have pioneered safety through best-in-class products, which are built for our esteemed clients.
At Monark, we believe it’s our duty to respect our clients. Our patrons hugely depend on our products for their quality, pricing and on-time delivery. 

At Monark, we continuously strive to improve and update our fire safety equipment and product line in accordance with new technologies and new research happening all around the globe, to serve our customers in a better way with all the latest knowledge and tech.  

Over the years, our Company has made tremendous progress and has been able to reach every nook and corner of India. Now, it can be said that we have become an icon of excellence, ethics and philosophy in the field of fire safety. 

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Discover Our Expertise

About Us: Services

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and contractors of Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment and Systems. We are leading suppliers to major Hydrocarbon Industries, Government, Semi-Government, Public Sector Undertakings and other Private Organisations. We also take pride in saying that we have the capacity to provide products with a minimum lead time / on emergency/ex-stock basis with a high level of accuracy and quality of the same and it has been proved many times. We have also been doubling our client list and turnover. 

Our SYSTEMS Division provides turnkey solutions in way of designing, installing, commissioning and overhauling & maintenance of various Fire Fighting Systems such as:
Fire Suppression Systems
 o Gas Based (Clean Agent) Systems           
 o CO2 Based Systems
 o FM-200/NOVEC Based Systems
 o Inert Gas Systems

 o  Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems 
 o   High-Pressure Water Mist  Systems
 o   Low-Pressure Water Mist Systems
 o   Fire Hydrant and Wet Riser Systems
 o  Sprinkler Systems
Fire Detection Systems
o Conventional Detection
o Analogue Addressable Detection
o Linear Heat Detection
o Aspiration Smoke Detection

and much more... Please see "Our Solutions" page for more information.

We have been licenced by the esteemed Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services, Government of Maharashtra for the execution of Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures in relation to Detection and Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Fighting System Installations.


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