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Gas Flooding System is an Automated/Manual Fire suppression System typically used in isolated or concealed rooms. It works on the principle that when the fire triangle is broken, the fire stops. Various detectors are placed at different locations in the room/s where the system action is planned for and all the detectors continuously monitor the room for any signs of fire. Once the fire is detected, the alarm starts as a signal for the personnel to evacuate the room immediately. After this, gas like CO2/ Clean Agent is released and oxygen level is relatively reduced. It is directly applied to the fire-affected area without the presence of physical barriers.

Gas Suppression Systems can be of different types according to the area of application and certain other parameters. The different types of gas suppression systems that we work with are CO2, FM-200, Novec, Inergens etc. 

We also Supply and Install Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems for Kitchen Hoods (Commercial Kitchens) along with that we offer more localised kits too for cabins i.e. Cabin Suppression Systems (Kits with Fire Sensitive Tubing)

Fire Gas Suppression Systems - Co2 - Novec 1230- FM200
Fire Suppression (Gas) systems: Services
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