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Compliant Fire Evacuation Maps keep employees, customers, residents and visitors safe, while outdated inaccurate maps are not only dangerous but also a liability to your business or organization.  If your evacuation maps are not safe and accurate, now is the time to review and update your evacuation maps.

An evacuation map is also an important training tool.  The next time you have a fire drill, use your evacuation maps to confirm that everyone one is following the egress routes shown on the evacuation maps.  True fire and life safety is a direct result of planning.  Therefore, make sure your maps are up-to-date.

Our Design Process

Every evacuation map that we create is specifically designed based on the building layout, building usage, occupancy type, fire codes and industry best practices.  In short, it is based on fire and life safety.  It’s not just illustration.

Every Residence, Complex, Society, Office, Factory, Hotel, Mall, every structure must have an up to date and well-designed and well-placed Fire Escape Routes through the vicinity.

Fire Evacuation Route & Layout
Fire Escape Route Mapping & Designing: Service
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