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Fire Hydrant System is vital for Fire Protection System and is used in residential, industrial and commercial applications. It comprises a Fire Well or special well wherein water is stored and it is connected to the pump room. There are a few main pipes that are connected from the pump room and form a network of pipes to cover the factory and its premises. The pump works to continually fill all the connected pipes with water under pressure which may vary depending upon the intensity.


When the fire is detected, the fire hydrant system is manually directed towards the fire and water with strong force, extinguishes the fire. The work of the pump is to consistently pump water so as to maintain the pressure.


Some of the distinctive features of our products include: Sturdy and can be used for medium or large-sized fire. Since the system is wide, it surrounds the fire from all angles. Although low maintenance is required when installed well and by an appropriate licensed agency (like us), we do highly recommend a maintenance contract for the best functioning and up-keep of the system.

Such systems are installed in Corporate Towers, Educational Institutes, Residential & Commercial Buildings, Schools, Warehouses, etc.

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Fire Hydrant Systems: Services
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