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Fire extinguishers including mobile and portable extinguishers are the most common type of extinguisher. They are hand-held, portable and used in most commercial buildings to extinguish small fires in emergencies. Portable extinguishers contain various types of fire-fighting agents including water, foam, dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide and other gases.


Mobile extinguishers are mounted onto trolleys for transportation. Mobile extinguishers are bigger than portable extinguishers so are fitted onto trolleys to be deployed at the scene of a fire. Mobile extinguishers are used at petrol service stations and on building sites where more extinguishant is needed.


Full range of Extinguishers available

  • CO2 Type

  • Dry Chemical Powder Type

  • ABC Type

  • Modular Automatic Type

  • Trolley Mounted Type

  • Foam Portable Type

  • Clean Agent Type

  • Class D Fire Type

  • Many More...


We manufacture extinguishers according to IS 15683 [Portable Fire Extinguishers) and IS 16018 (Wheeled Fire Extinguishers) along with their respective ISI marks & certifications. 

We also provide refilling, servicing & maintenance for the full range of extinguishers. 

Image by Sriram P H
Fire Fighting Extinguishers: Services
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